Why a Shred All Policy is the Best Policy

Do you ever question whether or not you should throw something away or shred it?  It can be a little worrisome when you throw something away and then wonder whether or not you should have just trashed it.  The best policy to follow, if you aren’t sure, just shred it.  There is enough to worry Waste Paper Recycling.about these days.  And with the way identity theft is taking off wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have done everything you are capable of doing when it comes to protecting your identity?  If something were to ever come of you not properly destroying something with sensitive information, it would be so frustrating knowing that it was as simple as shredding a piece of paper.  Even if something just has your name and address on it and it makes you uneasy knowing that a complete stranger could have that information, destroy it.

If you don’t have a home shredder that’s okay!!  There are not only places that you can take your documents to get them destroyed, but you also have the option to have people come to you.  Paper shred services are everywhere you look and it’s for your protection.  Most places charge right around a dollar per pound when you drop your paperwork off with them, so if you just have a couple of stacks of paper, you won’t be spending much money at all.  And it is worth the $20 to have peace of mind knowing that your perfect credit won’t be jeopardized.