Recyclable Materials that Hard Drive Shredding Yields

When you buy a new computer, do you struggle to find a way to dispose of your old one?  There are plenty of options these days when it comes to the disposal of an old hard drive, but what is the best way for you?  The most efficient way to protect your information on an old hard drive, is to use hard drive shredding.  This is a service that takes your old hard drive and destroys it in a way that makes sure that none of your information will be accessible after the fact.  Making sure your information is destroyed should be a top priority these days considering how serious identity theft is.  You would never want to jeopardize secure information, especially not when you have such an easy option to make sure you are protected.

Not only does hard drive shredding destroy your information and make sure that you are protected, but it also takes some of the materials from your old computer to recycle them.  Even if you don’t personally recycle at home, it is important to keep our environment as protected as we can, especially since some hard drives contain valuable and/or toxic materials.  This is another reason why you don’t want to destroy a hard drive yourself.  It isn’t the safest process unless you are experienced and have all of the necessary safety wear.

Crushed Hard DrivesThe most common materials in a hard drive that can be recycled are:

  • Aluminum
  • Electronic Circuitry
  • Magnetic/Ferrous
  • Stainless Steel
  • Magnets