Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is a day that is celebrated all across the globe every year on March 17th.  This was originally a day to celebrate Saint Patrick and was a day to feast, but it is now a way for everyone to get together for parades, food, and dancing.  There are many different reasons that people celebrate on this day.  The date is symbolic for the day that Saint Patrick passed away, and the reason it has become a day to celebrate is because Saint Patrick was the national apostle of Ireland who has been credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland.  This is how today turned into the holiday we all know and love.

keep-calm-and-happy-st-patrick-s-11These days Saint Patrick’s day is an excuse for everyone to have a good time and get together with friends and family.  Most people think that drinking on Saint Patrick’s day is a new fad that started because green beer is fun ;), but it has actually always been this way.  Because Saint Patrick’s day occurs during Lent, the restrictions for eating and drinking have been lifted on this day so that everyone can come together and feast to celebrate.

Although every country celebrates this day a in their own separate ways, we can all agree that it is nice to have an excuse to have fun with our loved ones!  Just make sure you wear green and you should be alright :)!