Shop Locally

small business shopping

We are all just a turkey dinner away from the start of the holiday shopping season. Black Friday is the annual celebration of consumerism. Many families will spend Thanksgiving night camped out at stores to get this years hottest gifts or for special pricing.

As you head out to do your shopping this weekend don’t just visit the big box stores. There are plenty of small businesses in your community that deserve your patronage. This keeps more money in your community and not in the hands of investors. In this spirit the Small Business Administration started Small Business Saturday. It is always the Saturday after Thanksgiving and promotes shopping at local businesses.

We have a special spot in our heart for small business owners. Shred Nations is the largest network of independent shredding contractors. All of our member companies are local shredding companies. They serve the same communities where they live. Just like a local store the money stays in your community instead of being transferred back to corporate.

So go out and support all your local business owners. You will be impressed with the service you get when the business owner is still the person that oversees the operation. They have a much greater incentive to provide you with great service at a reasonable price. They also have the flexibility to customize solutions for you rather than forcing you into their packages.

But before you head out take some time to enjoy a big piece of pumpkin pie and some bad jokes from your uncle. You never know when you need a bad pun to fill a pause at a Christmas party.