What Kind of Shredder Do You Have?

A common question when we answer the phone is what kind of shredder we use. Most people are aware that a strip shredder is not sufficient to destroy the information on a piece of paper. The problem is more acute if the paper is fed the wrong way. Complete lines and come out of the back of the shredder untouched.

So the solution for people is to use a cross cut shredder. This technology works for the little shredder that sits under your desk. The problem is that this type of equipment does not scale well. It would never meet the throughput requirements of a professional shredding company. The shredder needs to be secure, fast, and reliable.

The solution for most mobile shredding trucks is called a pierce and tear shredder. Sharp teeth grab the paper and tear it apart. The result are little pieces that are all crazy shapes. The largest are 3/8″ in diameter based on the security specifications.

A secondary advantage is tearing is much more secure than cutting. It destroys the information on the edge. This makes it more difficult for a computer (or person) to reassemble. They lack the identifiers of half letters.

Then if tiny bits was not enough the paper is sent of to the paper mill. Here it is dumped into a giant vat of water where the ink is floated off of the paper. The product is white pulp that can be used to make new paper of various types.