Document Destruction Programs

The Chesterfield County’s Registrar was tossing voters’ information into the trash. This included forms containing social security numbers. The problem was discovered by somone looking through their dumpster. It was reported to NBC12 who investigated the problem.

Deborah Altice, Deputy Registrar, said the problem was from the paper being mistakenly put in with the trash. She said the were now going to shred all office paper using on site shredding.

Every organization should have a detailed document destruction program. That will outline everything that must be shredded and how it is to be done. The more complex the program the harder it is to follow. You can detail every type of document to be destroyed but then you are adding in complexity that will lead to errors like at the registrar’s office. The easier solution is to just shred all office paper. With the incremental cost of shredding so low this is the best option when dealing with sensitive information.

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