Lawyer in Hot Water Over Shredding

Prominent Gainesville attorney, Ashley Bell is answering some difficult questions about his document management policies. Mr. Bell is a member of the County Board of Commisioners. Sensitive information about juveniles that Mr. Bell turned up in a recycling bin at The Gainesville Times. 

A college intern is being blamed for the incident. She drove up to the recycling bin at the Gainesville time with several of boxes of court records. She told an attendent that the court had sent her to dispose of the records. The attendent said the bins were not secure but she insisted on leaving them.

The office issued a statement the intern id not follow proper procedures. They said shredding was a “laborious task.” If the office is having trouble getting the work done or if they find it too “laborious” to perform they can always find shredding services in Gainesville. Mr. Bell said ” You can’t watch your employees every day.” By using a service he wouldn’t have to hope the work was done because he would have a certificate of destruction proving it was done.