Criminals Forget to Shred

There are a couple of geniuses living in Monroe Michigan. They hatched a plan to counterfeit money. The first thing they did was steal some computers and printers. Then they had to test it all out. But it turns out they had some that didn’t turn out so they threw them away — in the same bag as their utility bills. When the bills were discovered in the trash the police were notified and it didn’t take the CSI team to figure out who were the culprits. The police did find crack in the fridge which may have fueled their bad idea.

I always recommend shredding your information so it won’t fall into the wrong hands. But I never contemplated shredding for people with the wrong hands. I guess they figured they didn’t need to worry because they are the identity thieves in the area.

It is another reminder of how many people dig through dumpsters on a regular basis. It is a practice protected by the supreme court and apparently there is enough interesting or valuable that keep people doing it.