Spartanburg County Evaluates Shredding

The office of the Spartanburg County Treasurer has been caught throwing private tax information into the dumpster. When asked he said the janitorial staff was supposed to take care of the shredding. Apparently his staff shred some things but not all.

There are some common mistakes people make with the document destruction plans. They made three of them in Spartanburg:

  1. If you let low level employees decide what to shred they will end up putting too much in the trash. It is always better to err on the side of shredding all paper.
  2. People will not assign themselves the extra work of shredding. If you hand out shredders and hope for the best you will get bit as they toss paper into the trash can to save time. Employees need to be supervised or a shredding service used to make sure the work is actually done.
  3. No one will notice if there are document in the trash. The will always be people going through the trash and it is protected by a ruling by the Supreme Court.