If you run a business, you have sensitive information to protect. It comes in many forms, the papers on your desk, the documents in your desk and the official company records stored in file cabinets. The volume of paper shredding in even a small office can be daunting.


Ready for something better?

You may have bought a shredder for your office but the truth is that paper shredding is boring and only adds one more thing to a busy schedule. Inevitably, the pile of shredding grows so large that it is simply dumped into the trash.

This is a significant threat because there are many people who regularly go through your trash. These include people looking for recyclables, the trash haulers, your competitors, people looking to blackmail you for failing to shred, and passersby. At best case they will only contact the local media. They could also use the information against your business.

The only solution to protect your business is to hire a paper shredding service. They will not only provide you with security but save you on shredding costs. With shredders that chew through 20,000 pounds an hour they can do in moments what would take your staff weeks.

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