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Shred Nations Noblesville
176 Logan St
Noblesville, IN  46060
(317) 672-1933

M-F 8:00-7:00
Sat 9:00-3:00
Sun 12:00-5:00
$1.00 per pound
* Pricing is not guaranteed and is subject to change by the individual merchant

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This drop off shredding location is for everyone that has paper with sensitive information that must be destroyed. If left in the trash it can be found and then used by identity thieves. Homes and businesses in Noblesville now have a solution for their paper shredding. Bring in your documents and save yourself the expense of replacing another shredder. Or we have the option of coming to you with a shredding truck for on-site paper shredding in Noblesville, IN. All shredded paper is recycled.

Secure Document Shredding Services in Noblesville, IN

Shredding Services Noblesville, IN

Document shredding is necessary to protect against threats like information and identity theft. Shred Nations offers a variety of methods and providers ranging from mobile shred trucks that will shred while you watch, or dropping your documents off at a center near you. Customers are able to witness the shredding, and can even choose to receive a certificate of destruction for your records.

Shred Nations is excited to work within the city of Noblesville and help support businesses with high-quality shredding and hard drive destruction services. We look forward to connecting you with shredding professionals in your area. 

Document Destruction Services Around Noblesville

Noblesville Mobile Shredding Services

Mobile Shredding Services

Shred Nations Noblesville provides an easy and convenient shredding option with mobile shredding. Your documents will be shredded at your location in a mobile shred truck. This option will allow you to witness your shredding and be confident in the safety of your private information. 


Off Site Shredding Services throughout Noblesville

Off Site Shredding Services

Off site shredding comes with the convenience and ease of mobile shredding, but allows you to destroy an upwards of 300 pounds of documents. We pick up all of your documents and deliver them to an off site facility to be destroyed.  


Noblesville Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction Services

When it comes to old electronics from your home or office, it is hard to know what to do with them. Throwing electronics away is dangerous and often illegal. By doing that, your data can be easily recovered and lead to identity theft. With hard drive destruction services your devices will be properly destroyed, your will be data protected, and the pieces will be recycled. 


Shred Nations Noblesville works with small, local contractors to give you the best service while striving to provide you with reliable and safe shredding services. Call us at (317) 672-1933 or fill out the form to get started today.

Relevant Laws and Regulations in Noblesville and Indiana

Indiana Code 4-1-10: Prohibits the disclosure of Social Security numbers and requires that they be completely and permanently obscured on public records. 

Indiana Code 4-1-11: Requires consumer notification when a breach of security results in the unauthorized acquisition of personal information. 

Indiana Code 24-4-14: Protects consumers by requiring that personal information be disposed of safely and permanently. 

Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA): Enforces security of patient information by setting standards for the security of private health information.

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA): Protects consumers from fraud and identity theft with the use of reasonable disposal methods.

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For Shred Nations Noblesville, security is our number one priority. We will offer you a full range of security features that include, but are not limited to: locking shred bins, a certificate of destruction, and compliant service from start to finish. Call us today at (317) 672-1933 or fill out the form for free price quotes. 

Shred Nations proudly serves these cities throughout the Noblesville area:
Anderson | Bakers Corner | Carmel | Cicero | Clare | Clarksville | Deming | Fishers | Hardscrabble | Indianapolis | Lapel | Luxhaven | Strawtown | Westfield | Zionsville