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Shredding Services Lambertville, NJ

Preserving private information is an important step in running your business. Breaches of security can ruin your reputation and invalidate the trust of your customers. At Shred Nations Lambertville, we understand the importance of security and minimizing risks that leave your company vulnerable. Safety comes standard in all of our service options.

We offer a variety of shredding solutions to cover all of your shredding needs. We safely dispose of your documents and media using effective destruction methods. We have options that allow you to witness your shredding, drop off at your convenience, or come directly to your location. No matter the specifics of your shredding project, we are sure to have an option for you.

Contact us by calling (609) 566-3120 or filling out the form to connect with shredding providers near you. Our providers are certified and high-quality to take the guessing out of selecting a reliable shredding provider.

Lambertville Shredding Services

Mobile Shredding Services in Lambertville

Mobile Shredding Services

Mobile shredding is a convenient shredding solution that completes your shredding onsite. We come to you with a mobile shred truck that shreds your documents right on your curb. You can witness the shredding process and return to work without delay.


Off Site Shredding Services in Lambertville

Off Site Shredding Services

Offsite shredding completes your high-volume shredding project by collecting your documents and delivering them to a local shredding facility. Your documents will be securely destroyed in our huge, industrial shredders alongside thousands of others.


Hard Drive Destruction in Lambertville

Hard Drive Destruction Services

Hard drive destruction disposes of your electronic devices to prevent recovery of your data. We carefully break down your devices and shred the hard drive to destroy all of your digital files.


Relevant Laws and Regulations in Lambertville

Destruction of Public Records Law (1953): Requires appropriate and verifiable destruction methods for private information after the required retention period.

Identity Theft Prevention Act: Requires proper destruction of sensitive information and customer notification in the event of a security breach.

Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA): Guidelines that mandate permanent destruction methods and safe handling for medical records.

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA): Financial industry regulations requiring firms to share how private client information is handled and protected.

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA): Consumer report protection that regulates disposal methods and limits information sharing. 

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Protect yourself, your business, and your customers from identity theft, fraud, and other abuses of information with shredding services from Shred Nations Lambertville. Our services will keep you in compliance and safeguard your valuable information. Call us at (609) 566-3120 or fill out the form to learn more and receive free quotes.

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