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There is no appointment necessary to bring your drop-off shredding to this Pack-N-Send. It will be stored in a secure container until it is taken to be shredded.

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document shredding services HoustonSecure Shredding Services in Houston

Document and hard drive shredding are critical parts of the document lifecycle for individuals as well as businesses. Shred Nations Houston will provide you with the best document shredding services for your business or home throughout the area. We offer several different options from local providers to get you the best price for your shredding project at any frequency you need.

Shred Nations Houston can connect you with all the destruction services listed below and more! We pride ourselves on finding a reliable document shredding service at the right price. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to get started. Our experts are ready to help.

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Mobile Shredding

A shredding event allows community members to safely dispose of their personal files in a safe and convenient way. With shred events, a mobile shred truck is stationed at a central location for community members to access for a small fee, a donation, or for free. 

Who hosts a shredding event depends on your location. In many counties or cities, local governments organize shred events. These typically are annual, which, depending on your needs, may not be convenient for you. For example, Jefferson County, where Shred Nations is headquartered, is hosting their annual shred-a-thon on Saturday, May 20th, 2023.

However, if your city or county doesn't host a shredding event, or if the date doesn't work for you, there are still other options. AARP often conducts shred events around the country, and one of those might work. Alternatively, you can be the shredding hero for your local community, and organize your own community shred event.


Mobile Shredding

Choose a Location:

Choose a central location that's easy for everyone in your community to get to, including the elderly and those with mobility challenges. A school, church, or even a local park are usually convenient options.

Coordinate with a Shredder:

Unless you happen to have an extra shred truck parked in your backyard, you'll need to coordinate with a shredder. Shred Nations partners with a network of providers across the country, and we can connect you to one that fits your needs.

Recruit Volunteers: 

You’ll need greeters, promoters, and coordinators, so be sure to ask friends, family, employees, and other community members. 

Promote Your Event:

Once you finish all that preparation, you need to get the word out. Word of mouth and social media are a great starting point. You can also reach out to local news organizations or community organizations and ask them to promote it as well.

Independence, MO

Mobile Shredding

I am so glad I found this business. Everyone from the phone calls to in person at the facility are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I highly recommend this business for personal and business needs.

Winston-Salem, NC

Choose a central location that's easy for everyone in your community to get to, including the elderly and those with mobility challenges. A school, church, or even a local park all serve as great places.

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Very professional and friendly, Responded quickly. Great rates.

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