Shattered platter of computer hard drive disk.Destruction services help you maintain personal and business confidentially. Shred Nations offers destruction services for documents, electronic media, and medical waste. We safely dispose of your items to protect your private information and the environment. Our services include recycling when applicable, and ensure that toxic waste does not end up in landfills.

Holding on to old documents and devices puts your information at risk. Even devices that are no longer working, can give hackers access to passwords, bank accounts, and other valuable data. Stolen data can lead to fraud and identity theft, which can take years to resolve. Not to mention, who wants all that clutter laying around? Safely dispose of your documents, electronics, and medical waste with Shred Nations today. 

Document Destruction

Shredding documents is a common practice in the home and office. It’s an easy way to preserve your privacy. Professional shredding ensures that your documents will be disposed of properly and recycled. Our services are certified for your protection and follow all applicable privacy laws to maintain legal compliance across all industries. 

We offer two main shredding services, mobile or offsite shredding. Mobile shredding is a convenient service that comes directly to your location. Using a mobile shred truck, we destroy all of your documents right at your curb. Offsite shredding allows you to complete large shredding projects affordably. We pick up your documents and dispose of them in one of our secure shredding facilities. 

Hard Drive Destruction 

You may be tempted to throw away your old electronic devices or stockpile them in storage. Both options are risky and leave you vulnerable to identity theft and other abuses of information. Hard drives carry a lot of data that require permanent deletion to keep you safe. Shred Nations shreds your hard drives using specialized equipment to prevent your data from ever being accessed again. 

In addition to being the most effective form of data erasure, hard drive destruction is also an environmentally-friendly method of destruction. We comply with EPA regulations to protect the environment and reuse valuable raw materials. You can confidently choose hard drive and electronic media destruction services from Shred Nations knowing you are protecting yourself and the planet. 

Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste varies in disposal methods depending on the types of materials you are handling. It is critical to handle each type of waste properly to protect human health and prevent the spread of disease. Shred Nations partners with medical waste professionals that will handle your materials properly and in compliance with safety regulations.

We are equipped to handle any of your medical waste concerns with a nationwide network of certified and reliable providers. Medical and biomedical waste can be extremely dangerous, toxic, and infectious. Let our experts handle your waste to minimize your liability and keep your community safe.

We offer the following medical waste services:

Begin Destruction Services with Shred Nations Today

Shred Nations will connect you with destruction service providers in your area within minutes. Begin by calling us at (800) 747-3365, filling out the form, or using the live chat. We will match you with certified destruction companies near you that offer competitive pricing and high-quality services. 

As always, each service will be completed properly, within compliance, and include a certificate of destruction for your records. We look forward to working with you.