What Makes Mobile Shredding the Most Secure Way to Shred?

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While the main purpose of shredding is security, when it comes to the different individual ways to shred, there are a variety of give and takes that make some options more cost-efficient, but not as secure as mobile shredding.

Learn more in the video or transcription below about the different specific steps taken during mobile shredding to make it the most secure shredding option, including things like providing formal certificates of destruction, offering witnessed shredding, and using locking shred bins.

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Maximum Security with Mobile Shredding

Defining Mobile Shredding

With mobile shredding, the shredding provider supplies you with secure locking bins for your office where you can collect papers and other materials before shredding.

Then when you’re ready to have your documents shredded, a mobile shredding truck comes out to your home or office to shred the documents while you watch.

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Mobile Shredding’s Security Advantages

Stretching from the ability to personally watch the shredding to being given locking shred bins to collect materials before shredding, there are multiple aspects of mobile shredding that make it the most secure option for shredding.

The different security steps that are taken with mobile shredding include:

Witnessed Shredding

Just like it sounds, with witnessed shredding services, individuals are able to watch the entire shredding process themselves.

In mobile shredding’s case, it offers the security benefit of you being able to watch from your curbside as the materials are destroyed by the shredding truck.

Certificates of Destruction

Certificates of destruction are formal documents provided as the final step in the shredding process.

A certificate can be used as proof of compliance with document retention and destruction requirements for laws like HIPAA and includes a variety of details that prove Certificate of Destructionevery step of the shredding was secure, including:

  • Shredding date and time
  • Shredding location
  • Shredding witness names
  • Chain of custody details from the initial disposal to final destruction
  • A unique serialized transaction number for audit trails.

Locking Shred Bins

To help keep things secure between session, mobile shredding providers give you a locking shred bin to collect paperwork and other materials for shredding

Like the one-way slots on mailboxes, shredding bins also have a slot used to drop documents into the container where they can be securely stored until the next scheduled visit from the mobile shredding provider.

Shred bins also come in multiple sizes to match your shredding volume ranging from small personal shred containers (PDC) to large shredding carts and totes.

Zero-Contact Shredding Trucks

Building on the security benefit of shred bins always being locked, with mobile shredding when those bins are emptied into the truck’s built-in shredder, it requires zero contact from the workers who operate the truck.

Mobile shredding trucks work similar to garbage trucks where rather than dumpsters, large mechanical arms are used to lift shred bins up and into the shredder, in turn letting both you and the shredding employees watch from the curbside while the documents are destroyed.

Is Security Your Number One Shredding Priority?

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