Ship ‘N’ Shred: The Easy Option for Secure Destruction

ship n shred

Smaller businesses, remote offices, and residents usually don’t produce enough materials to be destroyed by a larger service provider. Luckily, there’s a way to maintain strict security protocols, without leaving the comfort of their offices or homes. Our Ship ‘N’ Shred service makes the process simple.

Shred Nations offers a document shipping option, which will allow you to pack up all of your confidential documents, electronics, hard drives, micromedia, sharps, and more, and send them off to be destroyed. This service meets all industry standards and may be more cost-effective than dropping them off or having a company pick them up.    

How the Process Works

How does Ship N Shred work through Shred Nations?The beauty of Ship ‘N’ Shred is in its simplicity. It’s exactly what it sounds like. First, find a sturdy box, even a file box or banker’s box will do. Next, you pack up all of your materials to be destroyed. A typical file box holds around 30 pounds when full. Then, you’ll fill out the form on the Ship ‘N’ Shred website to schedule your FedEx Pickup or drop-off. This lets you get back to work without compromising your materials. Lastly, you will be able to track your materials at any time during the process.

What Are the Advantages of Ship ‘N’ Shred?

There are several advantages to using this service.


There is no need to drive your boxes to a facility or pay a service provider for destruction when it’s a small amount of material. FedEx will come right to your location and pick your boxes up for you.


Cost is also a major advantage. We estimate that most 30-pound file boxes will cost roughly $32 to have shipped to one of our destruction facilities. Compare that to the cost of most drop-off locations which typically start at around a dollar per pound. In many cases, Ship ‘N’ Shred is cheaper than this option, and you won’t have to drive anywhere.


The Features of a Certificate of Destruction from a Ship N Shred service from Shred NationsThe next major advantage is security. Ship ‘N’ Shred meets or exceeds all industry standards for destruction and recycling. Regardless of industry, this service meets all local and federal standards for destruction including HIPAA, FACTA, and GLBA. In addition, you can track the entire process from start to finish. You can even download a certificate of destruction when the shredding is complete.  

More Than Just Paper

This service isn’t just for paperwork either. It allows you to safely handle other assets that may contain sensitive information. Some of these items include hard drives, pill bottles, electronics, and microfilm. Our services can also dispose of sharps, electronics, disks, cassettes, tapes, USB drives, and more. It really is a one-stop shop for all of your destruction needs. 


No matter what type of material you send, the destruction and recycling processes comply with EPA guidelines. With sharps, only the safest disposal methods are used, such as autoclaving, to ensure these hazardous materials stay out of the environment. As for any electronics, recycling them through Ship ‘N’ Shred will conserve natural resources and energy in the production of new electronics and protect the community from chemical toxins.

Start a Ship ‘N’ Shred Service Today!

Shred Nations has helped over 1 million customers find the right service at the right price. Our Ship ‘N’ Shred service is just one more option we offer to make destroying your materials simple. Start the process by filling out the form, giving us a call at (800) 747-3365, or contacting us directly using our live chat. We can walk you through the Ship ‘N’ Shred options, or recommend another service that might be better for your unique situation.