How to Destroy a Hard Drive at Home

How to Destroy a Hard Drive at Home

A hard drive is the data storage center inside your computer. It allows your device to “remember” and recall your information. The hard drive stores the code for the operating system, the framework for internet access, everything you save, and more. Essentially, the hard drive is a gold mine of information about anything and everything you do on your computer.

Because of the immense data collected in the hard drive, thieves look for discarded computers to steal information. Businesses often take the extra step to safely dispose of hard drives and prevent data recovery. You should be taking the same precautions at home. Personal information is just as valuable when taken from your home computer and can still be used to steal your identity and commit fraud.

Professional hard drive destruction prevents data recovery by physically destroying your hard drive. 

What is Hard Drive Destruction?

Shred Nations can destroy your hard drives at your house

Hard drive destruction is a shredding service for hard drives and electronic devices. It is the best disposal method when considering security and sustainability. A specialized shredder is used to cut your hard drive into tiny fragments. The destruction is permanent, and irreversible, and leaves no chance of data recovery. It also includes recycling to salvage valuable metals, glass, and other materials.  

Why Should I Destroy My Hard Drives?

We often hear about the importance of deleting data before disposing of electronic devices. You might not realize that deleting files doesn’t necessarily remove them from the hard drive. When you delete a file, it is removed from your computer’s directory and marked as “unwanted.” Hackers know where to look for these files and can often access the information, even without recovery software.

Erasure programs are a step up from deleting data. They overwrite your files to make them unreadable. Degaussing methods use magnets to scramble data and make it difficult to decipher. Both methods make your data harder to access but can leave behind small pieces of data that could put you at risk. 

Shredding is the only destruction method that can guarantee your data is safe and inaccessible.

How to Destroy a Hard Drive at Home

Residential hard drive destruction offers the same level of security to individuals and families as business services. The same safety precautions will apply, just on a smaller scale. Residential customers can choose between Ship ‘N’ Shred or Mobile Shredding services to meet their individual needs. 

Ship ‘N’ Shred

Ship N Shred through Shred Nations destroys your hard drives from your home

Ship ‘N’ Shred is a mail-back shredding service that properly disposes of your hard drives. Mail-back services allow you to send in your hard drives at your convenience. Simply box up your device, schedule shipping, and we will take care of the rest. We include tracking and destruction certifications for additional security. 

Mobile Shredding Services

Mobile shredding services will visit your home to complete the hard drive destruction onsite. You will be able to watch as your device is placed into the shredder and destroyed, right at your curb. Witnessed shredding provides the highest level of security while giving you peace of mind. You can schedule mobile services as you need them for shredding projects large and small.

Schedule Hard Drive Destruction for Your Home Today

Secure hard drive destruction is available for homes and individuals with Ship ‘N’ Shred and Mobile Shredding. Both services offer small-scale destruction options that are reliable and affordable. To learn more, please contact us by calling (800) 747-3365 or filling out the form. We will send you free, personalized quotes on hard drive destruction services near you within minutes.