How to Get Same Day Shredding Services With Drop-Off Shredding

Drop Off Shredding Service Solution

Whether you’re a business owner safeguarding sensitive client data or an individual looking to declutter your personal space, same-day shredding services offer an easy solution. Time is of the essence, and waiting days for document destruction simply won’t suffice in today’s fast-paced environment. In this blog, we explore the benefits and considerations when using same-day shredding services through drop-off shredding.

Why Use a Drop-Off Shredding Service?

Drop-off shredding centers allow individuals to drop off documents that require shredding and pay for secure destruction services based on weight. Drop-off shredding services are usually intended for smaller shredding jobs consisting of less than 90 pounds of paper. In addition to being an effective shredding method for small projects, there are other advantages to this type of shredding service.

With thousands of drop-off shredding centers throughout North America, drop-off shredding centers provide convenience. For many shredding projects, it’s an affordable solution for same day shredding services.

Drop Off Shredding—Ready When You Are

One of the simplest reasons to use drop-off shredding services is convenience. Drop-off shredding services are offered in most shipping and mailing centers. These locations typically have normal business hours and may even be open on weekends and evenings.

You simply find the location nearest you. Then, drive your documents over and pay to have them shredded based on how much you bring in. Comparatively, mobile and offsite shredding services have to be scheduled in advance. You can request a same-day service, but it may not be available or may charge a hefty fee.

Drop off shredding service is quick and convenient as it's complete in the same day through Shred Nations

While driving several hundred pounds of private documents to a drop-off center may not be reasonable, if your household or small business doesn’t produce more than a few dozen pounds of documents that require shredding at a time, drop-off shredding offers a simple, secure, and convenient solution.

How Drop-Off Shredding Saves Money

Drop-off shredding is charged by the pound. The industry average for this type of service is around $1 per pound. However, this price does fluctuate widely. Therefore, you may want to do a bit of price shopping before stopping by a location.

Most mobile shredding charges $130-$175 for 1-10 boxes and offsite shredding services charge upwards of $110-$130. As long as you have less than 100 pounds of paper, drop-off shredding is the most economical option. If you have between 100 and 200 pounds of paper, get a few quotes on shredding services in your area and make a judgment call based on your priorities.

If speed is your top priority, it may be worth it to spend an extra $30 or $40 on drop-off services. But if cost is of utmost importance to you and you are willing to wait for the next available shred truck to stop by and pick up your documents, mobile or off-site services are probably your best bet.

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Shredding service options vary widely based on location. Shred Nations will help you find the best options in your neighborhood for your specific project. Whether you value security, speed, convenience, or cost, we will help you find the right shredding service for your needs.

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