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Shred Nations offers secure shredding services for individuals and businesses, including mobile shredding services, offsite shredding services, hard drive destruction, and more!

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Did you know that your Hard Drives and Cell Phones contain more private information than hundreds of boxes of paper that could put you or your company at risk?


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Explore a diverse range of document shredding solutions tailored for businesses and homes nationwide with Shred Nations. Don't see the service you're looking for? Give our experts a call - we can handle most projects.

Paper Shredding

Protect your private information with Shred Nations shredding services. We connect you with trusted shredding companies near you. This makes it easy to safely get rid of documents without any hassle. Whether you need one-time shredding or regular service, our network has solutions that fit your needs. Choose Shred Nations to find top shredding providers and keep your sensitive information safe.

Hard Drive Destruction

Keep your data safe with Shred Nations hard drive destruction services. We link you to trusted providers across the country. Our experts handle the destruction process carefully, following all the rules. This gives you peace of mind, knowing your sensitive information is properly destroyed. Contact Shred Nations for more information on hard drive and data destruction services.

Electronic Destruction

Protect your digital privacy with Shred Nations electronic destruction services. Our trusted partners safely destroy electronic data, ensuring your information stays private, and recycling the remaining pieces properly. Call Shred Nations for reliable electronic destruction and recycling that follows all regulations and gives you peace of mind.

Scanning & Storage Services

Shred Nations offers easy document scanning through our trusted partners. We can handle projects of any size while keeping your information safe and private. We also provide document storage services. Our storage solutions use the latest security features to protect your papers and digital files. Whether you need physical or digital storage, we have options that work for you.

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Tell us about your shredding project. What are you shredding? How much do you have?

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We scan our database and connect you with up to four of the best local shredding providers for your project - for FREE

3. You Hire

You select the shredder that best matches your project needs.

Contact us for a free quote today!

Reach out to our team today to discuss paper shredding solutions. We're here to explore your options and guide you to the perfect service for your needs.

National Reach. Local Focus.

Our extensive network of over 6,000 drop-off shredding providers covers over 15,000 zip codes and 90% of the U.S. business and residential markets. Wherever you are located and whatever your document shredding project entails, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

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Sectors We Serve

Shred Nations proudly serves many different types of businesses and residences across the US and Canada. We come up with unique shredding solutions that fit your needs, then we match you with the most affordable, highly secure providers in your area. Shred Smarter with Shred Nations today!

Why Choose Shred Nations?

Fast Turnaround

Get matched to a partner in 3-5 minutes. They will work with you to get a quote based on your specifications.

Nationwide Coverage

We have partners all over the United States and Canada.

20+ Years

Shred Nations has over two decades of experience matching customers to the right services.

Partnered with the Best

We are partnered with thousands of partners nationwide providing you with the best, secure options in your area.

Do You Have A Small Quantity?

Consider Ship N Shred for your easy solution for document destruction. Receive a Certificate of Destruction all with the ease of shipping right from your location.

Try Ship N Shred

Contact us for a free quote today!

Reach out to our team today to discuss paper shredding solutions. We're here to explore your options and guide you to the perfect service for your needs.

Customizable Document Lifecycle Plans

Our experts can match your home or business with a fully customized document lifecycle plan. This addresses your needs from the inception of files to the end of their use.

123465A retainment schedule is developed.Backlog of files are digitized andconverted into indexed, OCR digitalfiles in your preferred format.Unnecessary or expired documentsare shredded professionally by amobile or off site service.Physical files that must be kept can bestored in secure, climate controlledoff site storage facilities.Accessing and discarding files becomesa breeze, legal compliance is easier.You are matched with multiple quotesfrom local shredding companies
1.You are matched with multiple qutoes from local shredding companies.
2.A retainment schedule is developed.
3.Backlog of files are digitized and converted into indexed, OCR digital files in your preferred format.
4.Unnecessary or expired documents are shredded professionally by a mobile or off site service.
5.Physical files that must be kept can be stored in secure, climate controlled off site storage facilities.
6.Accessing and discarding files becomes a breeze, legal compliance is easier.

Shredding Frequencies


One-Time Purge

Sometimes all you need is a one-time purge of documents to clear our the clutter.


Our experts can match you with ongoing services on your schedule. Whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or anothing timing, we can help.

About Shred Nations

With experience in the shredding business of over 40 years, Shred Nations is your first choice for secure destruction solutions. We have helped people all over the country find the right shredding service.

We opened our first shredding operation in Denver in 1980. Our first location grew into the largest shredder in Colorado offering mobile and plant based shredding services. We went on to install the largest paper shredder in the United States at the time.

In 2003 we launched, an online national shredding marketplace, to simpllify the shredding process and help exeryone easily find the right shredding solution for their needs. We have served over 1 million satisfied customers, to date.

Our History197719801994200320172018TRI-R Systems was foundedby David Powelson as a limitedpartnership to engage inrecycling of paper, aluminumcans, and metal.Shredding confidential recordsstarted as a service to helpcompanies comply with privacyrequirements.DataGuard USA is created toprovide higher level ofoversight than our existingrecycling customers.Shred Nations is registered asa trade name. Regional andlocal providers join the ShredNations network to offer securenational shredding servicesacross North America.Shred Nations partners withUPS to provide solutionsnationwide for small volumeshredding customers.Shred Nations servesshredding customer 1,000,000and continues to grow asservices expand into Canada2024Shred Nations continues toserve thousands of customersweekly. TRI-R Systems was founded by DavidPowelson as a limited partnership toengage in recycling of paper, aluminumcans, and metal.1977Shredding confidential records startedas a service to help companies complywith privacy requirements.1980DataGuard USA is created to providehigher level of oversight than ourexisting recycling customers.1994Shred Nations is registered as a tradename. Regional and local providers jointhe Shred nations network to offersecure shredding services acrossNorth America.2003Shred Nations partners with UPS toprovide solutions nationwide for smallvolume shredding customers.2017Shred Nations serves shreddingcustomer 1,000,000 and continues togrow as services expand into Canada.2018Shred Nations continues to servethousands of customers weekly.2024Our History

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