mobile shredding security benefits

Mobile shredding is a service that uses trucks specially equipped with industrial shredders to shred documents at your location. Instead of dropping off or shipping out your old files, a mobile shred truck will come to you on a schedule you set and handle your shredding on-site.

Compared to other shredding options like drop off or off site shredding, mobile shredding provides several unique security benefits that set it apart.

Security Benefits of Mobile Shredding

There are four main ways that mobile shredding is more secure than other shredding methods.

1. Shred Bins Are Emptied Mechanically

With other shredding services, an employee of the drop-off or off-site location will handle your files during the shredding process.

Even if there are locked shred bins involved, someone will eventually need to open them prior to destruction.

Mobile shredding eliminates any access to your files by other people by mechanically lifting and emptying your shred bins automatically. This ensures that at no point in the process will someone have access to your documents before they are destroyed. This adds extra protection against theft.

2. You Can Watch the Shredding Yourself

Perhaps the biggest security benefit of mobile shredding is that you can personally witness the destruction of your old files. The mobile shred truck will lift and empty the bins automatically before starting the shredder right there in front of you.

Even with chain of custody standards in other services, nothing compares to seeing the process completed with your own eyes.

3. The Certificate of Destruction

certificate of destructionOnce the shredding is complete, you will receive a certificate of destruction. This certificate details the where and how of your document shredding.

Certifications of destruction verify that your documents were shredded and can be used to show compliance with any applicable document destruction laws.

4. Shreds Are Completely Recycled

Once the shred truck is full, it takes all of the shredded material to a recycling facility to be broken down and used for other paper products in the future. Not only are your document shreds mixed in with hundreds of others, they are also chemically treated and pulped, rendering all information truly gone without a trace.

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