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Ventura is a destination which really captures the heart and soul of the Californian lifestyle. Beautiful sandy beaches share the landscape with breathtaking sunsets and perfectly warm temperatures to have you feeling comfortable year round. And if that’s not enough California for you, grab a breakfast burrito from one of the many local favorite spots or a tasty craft beer from a number of breweries in town to make you feel like you’re finally home.

But what separates Ventura from other parts of California is the people who’ve adopted the “work hard, play hard” mentality. Surrounded with lively music and a beckoning, open beach, the residents of Ventura still maintain a hardworking business culture. Myriads of businesses and shops are settled here and Shred Nations Ventura is the one to call with all your document shredding service needs.

Available Document Destruction Services from Shred Nations Ventura

Mobile Shredding Services in Ventura

Here at Shred Nations Ventura, we believe in that not offering a secure and high quality shredding service, but also one of convenience. Enter the Mobile Shredding Service. With this option, a mobile truck will arrive at your location with an industrial shredder on board to destroy all your unwanted and sensitive documents, enabling you to witness the shredding from your curbside.

Ventura Off Site Shredding Services

Our Off Site Shredding Service is the choice of customers who either have a large quantity shredding project, or simply need a regularly scheduled shredding service. A pick up will be made by one of our secure trucks to properly shred and dispose of your documents in an off site location.

Electronic Media Destruction in Ventura

Cyber criminals are everywhere and they are trying to get a hold of your old hard drives and other electronic storage devices because they can access old information, even if it has been wiped! Protect yourself today with our Electronic Media Destruction service where we will properly destroy, melt, and recycle all your old USB Drives, Hard drives, CD’s, or any other electronic media storage devices.

Applicable Document Destruction Laws and Regulations in California

California Breach Notification Bill (AB-1710) pertains to existing laws that protect the personal information of California residents

California Shredding Law (California Assembly Bill 2246) protects consumers from identity theft by requiring businesses to properly destroy customer records

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