Why You Should Have an Electronic Media Destruction Company Record Your Hard Drive Destruction

Data LossIf you have critical information on a hard drive, it’s important to be sure that your data will not be compromised during any part of the destruction process. There are steps that you can take that ensure protection from liability and embarrassments from improper disposal.

There are some procedures you make sure you follow before seeking a vendor for destruction. Then you should carefully select a vendor with a good track record that can be trusted to destroy the equipment. If you are adequately prepared for destruction, you do not have to worry about identity theft, fines, or being out of government compliance.

Procedures should include:

  • use of secure storage for obsolete equipment
  • authority to order destruction
  • approved destruction methodology
  • approved destruction vendor listing

The vendor selection system, including:

  • pre-qualification of vendors
  • reference checks
  • certifications held by vendor
  • vendor process review notes
  • selection criteria
  • contract and performance agreement documentation

Documents related to the disclosed equipment, including:

  • date (or date range) of possession of hard drive
  • authority for destruction
  • contents description
  • date accepted by destruction vendor
  • certificate of destruction

certificate of destruction offers your company protection. However, the certificate should include proper information. If all the certificate says is “34 boxes of medical records: 1991-1994.” the certificate will not stand up in law. It must include dates of destruction, method, and should be able to connect each of the individual records destroyed through chain of custody. The certificate must also be signed by an officer of the organization, validating the destruction.

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