Small Businesses and Shredding Management

Why it’s Important for Small Businesses to Have a Shredding Management Plan

Small businesses might use less paper, but protecting their company and their information is even more critical, because one data breach or mistake could close them for good. As the Internet has grown bigger, “small business” has gotten smaller.

According to research firm IDC, the number of United States home-based businesses will stand at more than 20 million by 2013. Just imagine all the confidential documents 20 million home businesses will generate, not to mention millions of commercial small businesses.

There are many benefits to a regularly scheduled shredding management plan. A well maintained shredding program can keep documents in order and create an organized work environment.

A regularly scheduled shredding program will:Shredding Management Plan

  • Help your company stay in compliance with state and federal laws
  • Manage document retention schedules
  • Create more space for new documents
  • Maintain a stable and organized workplace
  • Save time for employees who are constantly looking through files and documents

Document Shredding Options

Regardless of size, the value of secure document shredding remains the same. If your business produces low volume, a commercial shredding service like Shred Nations will direct you to an authorized collection center, where you can drop off your documents for shredding and remain in compliance with state and federal laws.

For slightly higher volume businesses, Shred Nations will provide locking storage bins for total security of your documents prior to shredding. At a designated time, the bins are collected and transported to a warehouse where shredding takes place as you monitor the process on a closed circuit TV.

For high or ongoing volume, Shred Nations will send a specially equipped truck to shred your documents on-site while you monitor the process.

In each scenario, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction detailing date and time of your document destruction.

Don’t play games with document security. Get secure document shredding for your business.

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