Risks of In-House Shredding

While it may seem that shredding your documents in-house is a secure option that is not the case. Some people say that they can only trust their employees with sensitive information. The problem is that there is a lack of accountability for shredding documents in most offices.

The brutal truth is that shredding documents is not fun. Most have small shredders that can only do a few pages at a time and then only a few passes before they overheat. This makes the job take much longer than it should. The result is documents will pile up in boxes under desks.

Having unsecured documents in your office is a big security risk. It can be accessed by everyone from visitors, to cleaning staff, to employees looking for easy sources of information to steal. A few pages from the bottom of the box will never be missed.

Then after the documents pile up too high it becomes obvious that it will take too long they are tempted to just hide them in a dumpster. Here is just one example of this happening in Houston last month. This happens everyday and puts your business at risk for hundreds of thousands in fines for data breaches.

In-house shredders are also loud and can disturb your clients. If your employees have to do the work outside of business hours they are even more likely to avoid the job. Even worse is taking documents home to shred and the business losses all control of the information.

Employees will also avoid shredding intentionally. Consider PG&E whom were forced to pay millions in fines with Erin Brokovich found an employee whom was tasked with shredding documents but instead saved them to protect his job if ever needed.

If you do want to take on the risk of having an employee shred then make sure a manager is assigned to oversee the process. There must be documentation of what was shredded, when, by whom, and a managers signature.

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