Should You Destroy Your Hard Drive?

A skilled Computer Technician examines a Computer Hard Drive undThink about everything that you do on your computer.  Do you check emails? Access your bank accounts? Keep important photos or information on your computer?  If you use your computer for anything at all that may be considered sensitive information, you are at risk of identity theft.  That is, if you don’t handle everything securely.  One of the biggest mistakes that people make is throwing away, or selling their old computers without getting rid of their hard drives first.  Everything that you do is stored on your hard drive.  Anybody who knows how to access these files could potentially have ever piece of information that you have ever accessed while you have used this computer.

Asking the question as to whether or not you should destroy your hard drive is important.  You don’t want to throw your information out there for just anyone to find.  The only person who cares enough to protect your information is you, and if you don’t care enough to protect the things you can, then you are throwing yourself out there to potentially expose all of your private information.  Even if you think you don’t really mind if someone got a hold of your pictures or your emails, what about all of your passwords and usernames?  Once somebody gains access to your online banking, or even an account you use to shop online, you could lose money, and time trying to solve the issues.  Hard drive destruction is a wonderful way to protect yourself, and you should always take the time to make sure that you are properly destroying any and all old hard drives before you dispose of them!