Can My Paperwork Still Be At Risk After Being Shredded?

Paper RecyclingHave you ever wondered what happens after you have your paper shredded?  When you go through a service that shreds your paperwork for you, most likely your paperwork is being recycled afterwards.  Every company is going to be different of course, but for most companies, recycling is the way to handle the shredded paperwork.  This is a huge part of making sure that your paperwork is completely destroyed.  Some people are nervous when they hear that their secure documents are going to be recycled, but it is actually a great way to ensure that your paperwork is handled properly.  One of the first steps in the recycling process is to actually erase all of the ink that was previously put on the paperwork.

Once the paperwork is shredded and brought into a recycling facility there are a few steps that need to be taken.  Everything is put into a huge vat of chemicals right off the bat.  What these chemicals do is actually separate the ink from the paperwork.  This means that any information that was on those papers is completely removed forever.  This is great because it means that any information that was left has now been removed.

Even if the company that you work with doesn’t use recycling, the chances of anyone being able to sort through the piles of paperwork and actually piecing together a document that was secure is extremely rare.  Nobody has the time, or the patience to try and piece together possibly millions of strips of paper in order to try and get your information.  If you can though, I would highly recommend recycling not only because it gives you that extra bit of confidence in your data destruction, but also because it is good for the environment!