Not All Paper Shredders Are The Same

Making sure that your documents are securely destroyed should be of the utmost importance these days.  With how quickly your identity can be taken, and with how bad that can be for you or your business, the best way to make sure that you are covered is to take care of your paperwork properly.  The biggest issue that people come across is what is the best way to thoroughly destroy all of their paperwork?  Really the most efficient and most practical way to destroy your documents is to use paper shredding.  But then that opens the question, what kind of shredder do I want to use?

You have a few different options when it comes to shredding your documents:

  • You can use a home shredder, which if you only have a small amount of paperwork every now and then, wouldn’t be a bad idea.  One thing to keep in mind if you do end up using a home paper shredder, is that you can only put a couple pieces of paper in at a time.  Even if it looks like you only have a box or two, this can become hours of work for you.Recycle for the good of the earth
  • There are drop off locations all across the country that you can take your boxes of paperwork into.  This gives you the option to just take your paperwork to a location and have them destroy your paperwork for you.  In most drop off locations it is just that though, drop off.  You won’t necessarily get to see your paperwork being destroyed, but you will get a certificate of destruction once their contractor comes out to destroy everything they have.
  • If you want to see everything being destroyed in front of you, your best option is to use a mobile shredder.  This means that someone comes to your home or business to shred everything onsite for you and then they take your scraps to recycle them for you.  This may be a little bit more expensive, depending on how much paperwork you really have, but it makes the whole shredding process as easy as possible for you.