Dangers of Burning Paper

fire at a house

In an effort to save the cost of buying a shredder or using a shredding service some people will do some strange things. The most common thought that comes to people’s mind  is to burn the paper. There a few things to consider. The first is if it is allowed in your area. Most incorporated areas have ordinances against shredding trash. This would apply to burning paper.

But more importantly is to be careful when you are burning anything. A recent example is a woman in Jefferson Township who was burning paper in her basement. The fire got out of control and the fire department had to put out the blaze. She may have saved some money by not having to buy a shredder but now she has an estimated $1,100 in fire damage to repair.

While fire may be a popular option it isn’t the only one I have seen suggested to destroy your personal information and avoid identity theft. The one I can not understand is the idea of filing a garbage can full of water and then throwing in the paper. Sure, it will destroy the information but what a colossal mess. Now you have to deal with what to do with the paper pulp.

If you really want to save money there are some solutions that have zero cost. You can tear up paper or use scissors to destroy the information. The only thing you have to spend is your time. If you value your time then it is time to get a shredder or call up a shredding service. As the service is shredding your documents you can think about the poor fool who is scooping paper glop out of a trash can.