School Records Need to be Shredded

Volunteers at Miami Northwestern Senior High were alarmed to find student records and textbooks in a dumpster behind the school. Upon investigation it was learned that employees were told to clean out a storage area. Everything was just taken out to the dumpster. The spokesperson said it was a communication problem that led to the improper disposal.

I will leave commenting about throwing away textbooks that were never opened to those more interested in school budgets. My one comment would be that these have good fiber content have recycling value. At volumes they could be sold to a paper recycler.

More up our alley is the disposition of private information like what is in a student record. These were older records and contained social security numbers, addresses, and names. By leaving this information in the trash they exposed these past students to identity theft.

But based on how they describe what happened these records were not secured even before they were thrown away. If they were given the proper care then they would have been marked as confidential. This simple precaution would have prevented the exact error that led to their disposal.

Some basic security steps go a long way into data protection. Make sure sensitive information is always under lock and key. It should not be in a place that can be accessed by everyone in the company. Keep it in a secure location away from the storage for holiday decorations and broken chairs to prevent disposal errors.

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