Boxes and Boxes to Shred

Boxes, boxes everywhere but how much to be shred? The biggest thing that will impact the cost of the shredding job is how much needs to be done. The cost per pound decreases as the total size of the job increases. It will cost around a dollar per pound for a couple of pounds and will get down to ten cents per pound when there are warehouses to be destroyed.

So if pricing is based on volume how can you determine your volume? The most common way to store paper is in boxes. Normally that is in file storage boxes. Their exact dimensions are 10″ x 12″ x 15″. This is the most popular size because legal paper fits in one direction and letter size in the other direction. If you fill one of these boxes up it will weigh around 30 pounds.

Different Types of Boxes

files boxesFile boxes have a number of different names. Some people like to call them bankers boxes. But like so many other common names that is just a brand or file boxes. If you are at the moving store they call them book boxes or small moving boxes. But they are the same dimensions of a file box.  Once again y ou will have 30 pounds of paper when full.


transfile boxThe second type of box that people store files in are commonly called transfile boxes. Their exact dimensions are 10″ x  12″ x 24″. These hold 50 pounds of paper when full.



gaylord boxThe third common type of box is a gaylord box. These are used in industrial situations are always set on top of pallets. These are also called tri-wall corrugated boxes. Unless you have a warehouse you won’t have these laying about. But if you wanted to know they average around 1,000 pounds of paper.


So now you know more than you ever wanted to about boxes. But if your paper is not in boxes then don’t worry. We can get your volume from a number of file cabinets or bags also. The only thing we can’t estimate from is the amount of time you have been collecting or the age of the documents. This is simply because every office generates paper at a different rate.

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