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Summer Stastny worked at the Dairy Queen in Omaha, Nebraska. Before leaving she noticed the store was planning on throwing out their old payroll records. Stastny said she notified owners that they needed to shred the documents since they contained personal information and social security numbers. FACTA requires shredding for all exactly this type of records.

Since leaving her position at the Dairy Queen, Stastny has been checking the dumpster to make sure her information had not been thrown away. Her worst fears came true last Wednesday. In the dumpster were all the employment records that they had failed to shred. She notified the police and KETV news. The location blamed new ownership as the problem.

I don’t know if the Stastny left the Dairy Queen on her own terms but it does offer a reason why she was looking in the stores dumpster. Disgruntled employees are always looking to get a measure of revenge against the company. Poor document destruction policies and practices offer exactly what they are looking for. It may be customer lists they can take to a new company or the ability to generate negative PR and fines as with this case.

How to Protect Your Business

Every business has ex-employees. Some leave on their own accord and others leave from more negative circumstances. Since it is impossible to hire only the right people and never have employee issues, every business needs to have a document destruction policy in place.

Sometimes the disgruntled employee is still with the business. If they are responsible for shredding then they may intentionally fail do to their job for leverage against the business. This is whom lawyers and detectives will search out to target the business.

The way to safeguard the information and reputation of a business is with a secure shredding service. The work is done correctly and documentation provided. And every employee will be happy to not waste time at a shredder doing the work themselves.

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