A Simple Shredder is Not Enough

Grant Lind is allegedly an identity thief.  He is charged with 44 counts for a check counterfeiting scheme. It appears he got his information from dumpster diving in a bin used by Valencia Self Storage in Valencia, California. He then created and cashed counterfeit checks. The value of the scheme is estimated around $16,000.

What is unique to Lind process is that he took bags of shredded paper and put the pices back together. The pieces were found by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at his home. They were described as two inches long and a quarter-inch wide.

Most security experts advise shredding paper in a cross-cut shredder. They say that is enough to protect your information from identity thieves. But here is an exmple where that isn’t enough. With each check being a unique color I can imagine it was not too many pieces for any particular check.

Not only should the paper be shredded but the shreds should be destroyed. This can be done by spreading the shreds over several loads of trash or putting it in with wet materials.

But there is a much better solution. When paper is recycled it is put in a big vat of water. It can best be described as an industrial sized blender. The ink and imperfections are floated off and what is left is paper pulp. The paper is now absolutely and completely destroyed. The best part is now the paper is re-used instead of ending up in a landfill. And it takes less energy than using virgin wood pulp.

So make sure you shreds are getting recycled. You can take it to the local recycling plant or use a shredding service that not only shreds but recycles. If you don’t have a service then you can find one at Shred Nations.

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