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Cardinal Fitness of Indianapolis is the latest star of “What is in the Dumpster.” It appears they closed their location and left all of their customers’ financial information in the dumpster. According to neighbors the dumpster has been out since December with at least daily visits by the curious. The problem was reported to WTHR. They have since boxed up the files and taken them to the Indiana Attorney General’s office.

The best part of the story is the quote by Chuck Taylor, section chief of the Attorney General’s Identity Theft Unit. He says the problem could be avoided with a “$25 shredder“. It is obvious that Mr. Taylor has never used a $25 shredder. A shredder that size would handle a couple sheets at a time and would overheat if used for an extended period of time. In the end you would have to hire someone to sit and shred for weeks. I am guessing the Attorney General supports paying at least minimum wage and the associated taxes. The total for the job could run into thousands of dollars. This is the classic “penny wise, pound foolish.”

If you are looking to save money on Indianapolis Shredding there are several great options. Unless you pay triple the invoice then you will save money. And the added benefit is all the shreds are recycled by the service.

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