Shredding Can Be Fun!

While the most common request we have is for paper shredding, that is not the only thing we can destroy. With industrial shredders there is very little that can’t be shredded. Things are destroyed because they are defective or they may be counterfit. In the end everything that can be recycled is recycled.

One of the things that was most fun to shred were foosball tables. It started with a call from a sporting goods company. They had a very friendly return policy and got a bad batch of tables one Christmas.

Customers returned the bad tables for a refund or replacement. A local trash hauler said he could handle the proper disposal. The problem was he simply took them to the flea market and re-sold them. When they didn’t work they were returned to the sporting goods store.

After doing an audit on what was being returned they discovered that the tables were being refunded multiple times. Trying to save money on the destruction ended up being very expensive. That is when we got the call.

We picked up several semi loads of the foosball tables. We took out the metal piping and ran them all through the shredder. The most intereting thing is that when the particle board hit the shredder it turned to dust. It was a good thing we had a dust collection system.

There are mayny reasons why organizations shred products. They can be defective and if they got out would pose a liability threat. A ski manufacturer in Denver had some defective skis. They threw them out in the dumpster only to have them taken. The theif got hurt on the skis and then filed a lawsuit for a defective product.

Another large shredder is the Department of Customs. Counterfit products come in by the container full and must be destroyed. This happens most often by ports but can be found anywhere in the country.

When you need to shred anything we can help. It might be shirts that were printed incorrectly or just ones you don’t want to end up on the black market.

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