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Drop Off Program Details

Whether you need mobile shredding services, large volume shredding, or hard drive destruction, Shred Nations can help. We can help find a paper shredding service solution in the Morgantown, WV, area.

Additionally, Shred Nations’ providers can handle any amount of document shredding for your home and business. If you have less than 100 pounds (about 3 copy boxes) worth of paper that needs to be shredded, you can drop it off here. Your files will be stored in a secure, locked shred console inside The UPS Store until a mobile shred truck stops to shred the documents on site.

How drop off shredding services work:

  1. Gather your documents that need shredding
  2. Drop them off at the nearest drop off shredding center in Morgantown
  3. Pay by the pound
  4. Your documents are safely stored in a secure, locked shredding bin
  5. When the bin is full, a mobile shred truck stops by to shred the contents of the shred container

This drop off location is the best solution for low volume shredding needs. However, if you have over 100 pounds of paper to shred, consider the shredding service options below.

Other Shredding Service Options*


Shredding services are highly secure and comply with all federal and WEST VIRGINIA information security and data privacy laws, including HIPAA and FACTA.

*Not all services are available at all locations. Please call to confirm.

Document destruction professionals in Morgantown are trained to understand the importance of information security. Keeping your personal and businesses information secure is critical, let Shred Nations help you find the best document destruction solution for your needs with free quotes on local services.

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(304) 599-0001
Located in The UPS Store

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