Computer recycling is becoming more and more commonplace as computer technology and computer recyclingcomputing power advances. The materials that are used to make computers are both toxic to the environment as well as consumers. If there isn’t a concerted effort by consumers to recycle computers after their useful life has expired, there can be dire consequences. In many places it is illegal to dump computers and computer monitors into a landfill and can bring serious fines.

There are a plethora of chemicals that can be found in desktop and laptop computers. We have compiled a short list of the chemicals below.

To prevent these harmful toxins from getting into the environment there are computer recyclers throughout the US. These companies engage in computer recycling and make sure that none of the toxins enter the environment and all of the materials are recycled and reused to build new computers or electronics. Though computer recycling can cost you a nominal fee, it is a small price to pay for the safety of the environment.

Computer monitors are also toxic to the environment and can cause serious damage. Computer monitor recycling is also important to keep the environment in good condition. Many computer monitors contain some of the same toxins that computers contain. Make sure that you also engage in computer monitor recycling when disposing of your computer.

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