Why Shred?
Because "dumpster diving" is a reality both individuals and businesses must thoroughly destroy all the confidential materials, It is not illegal for someone to go through your trash, and there are thieves willing to do so in hopes of finding information to use against you to their personal gain. Individuals need to shred their personal and confidential information to protect against identity theft and fraud,

What To Shred?
1. Financial documents-bank statements, canceled or unused checks, tax returns, insurance forms and records.
2. legal documents-wills, contracts.
3. Medical records
4. Credit card documents, receipts, statements, offers.
5. Junk mails with your name and address.
6. Deceased family member records.
7. Customer lists and personal information.
8. Company sensitive information-management reports and strategies, human resource data, price lists, bids and proposals, marketing information.
9. Government classified information.
10. Any confidential information you do not want in the hands of the wrong people.

We offer two convenient, safe and economical shredding solutions for destroying your documents.
1. Self Service Shredding: Shred Your Worries Away. You personally shred the documents using a commercial grade cross cut shredder. We offer Cross-Cut shredding at security Level 3.
2. Drop & Go Bins: You personally deposit the documents into the secure and locked containers. Our service provider (Iron Mountain) will destroys all of your documents. All shredded material is recycled by our Service Provider.
Your documents are destroyed by state-of-the art shredding equipment using a blind shredding system. This means nobody ever touches or sees your documents. Shredding is performed by licensed personnel. The Service Provider is AAA certified by the National Association for Information Destruction. This insures the highest level of security. Learn More About Iron Mountain

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