This drop off shredding location in Boston is a great option for shredding those documents that have been piling up in your home office. Shred Nations is proud to provide the residents of Boston with drop off shredding service. Our Boston drop off shredding partners store your documents in a secure bin or lock box. Once the bin or lock box becomes full of documents that are ready to be shredded, a local shredder comes and destroys the documents either via a mobile shredding truck or at a shredding plant in your local area. Drop off paper shredding is a great option for those that do not want to buy a home shredder and also do not have enough documents to warrant having a shredding truck come to your home and shred the documents. Drop off shredding is fast, reliable and secure way to destroy your sensitive paper documents. If you would like to watch the documents as they are shredded or if you have a large volume to shred we are happy to send a mobile shred truck to your location.

Location Phone

(617) 568-9215
Located in UPS Store