Old computers have a wealth of personal, customer and business data stored on them. From passwords to sensitive documents and everything in between there is no shortage of sensitive data that could be exposed and exploited if it fell into the wrong hands. Protecting your data as well as your stakeholders data is of the utmost importance. Failure to do so could land you or your business in court. Computer disposal and recycling can help proper get rid of old, unwanted devices in a safe way.

How Does Computer Disposal & Recycling Work?

Computer disposal and recycling is easy. Our partners will pick up the materials and transfer them to a secure recycling and disposal facility. Once there, the computers will be dismantled and hard drives will be destroyed through a number of methods. The parts that can be recycled will be recycled and melted for new parts or wholesale.

Once the process is complete, you will receive a certificate of destruction so that you have verifiable proof that the data on the hard drive has been destroyed.


Shred Nations Can Help with Electronics Disposal & Recycling

Since 1999 Shred Nations has been helping businesses and individuals nationwide with the computer disposal and computer recycling needs. Our network of service providers are local and ready to help no matter what your need is. Whether you are a business with hundreds or thousands of computers, or looking to get rid of a PC we have solutions for everything.

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