Leftover and excess products take up valuable storage space after the product’s life cycle has expired. Storing these items in bulk can not only be costly, but also dangerous. With the help of product destruction services, you can dispose of a variety of products properly and recycle the materials when possible.

Why Is Product Destruction Important?

Product destruction ensures your items, whatever they may be, are destroyed completely. Properly destroying your items keeps them from being resold without your consent on the grey market, or from being used unsafely. Product destruction protects your brand standards and eliminates your liability if your product is defective.

Product Destruction For All Industries

Product destruction services old outdated electronicsShred Nations can find a local product destruction service that is compliant with all codes and regulations that pertain to the specific materials that you need to dispose of.

From large manufacturers to government agencies to small businesses, Shred Nations has experienced product destruction providers with the capacity to destroy all product types, including:

  • Excess, recalled, returned, and defective products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Liquids
  • Corrosives
  • Electronic equipment

Our product destruction specialists can help you decide what the best way to dispose of your materials may be, and execute the plan on your schedule.

Ways to Destroy a Product

Using heavy-duty industrial shredders for hard drivesThe way a product is destroyed depends on a number of factors including the type of product, and which solution is the most sustainable for the environment. Destruction methods include:

  • Shredding: items are reduced to small pieces in an industrial shredder. 
  • Incineration: items that can be particularly harmful if not completely destroyed are disposed of by controlled burning. 
  • Composting: often used for liquids, fibers, or mixed waste.
  • Crushing: products are crushed with a steamroller or similar equipment. 
  • Recycling: items like glass or plastic are reused or repurposed.

Product Destruction Procedure

  1. Collect your items that need to be destroyed.
  2. A secure tuck comes to your location to pick up your items when requested.
  3. Your items are transported to a facility to be destroyed.
  4. You will receive a certificate of destruction for your records.

Certificate of Destruction

When destroying your products or materials, find a reliable company that provides a proper certificate of destruction.  A certificate of destruction ensures that the project has been completed thoroughly and securely and details any necessary requirements by law for your industry. Shred Nations can help you find a provider that administers a certificate of destruction for every project.

Free Quotes For Your Product Destruction Services

Shred Nations is partnered with highly-trained and experienced product destruction providers across the country, ready to take on your next product destruction project.

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