Medical Records are protected by federal law- it’s important to be sure that you secure and properly destroy patient medical records to avoid penalties and persecution.

Learn more about what steps your practice needs to take to ensure you comply with HIPAA and FACTA, and read recent stories of some of the consequences involved with improper handling of medical records.

How to Manage Your Medical Record Retention and Destruction

How to Manage Medical Record Retention and Destruction

There is a wide range of different medical record retention and destruction requirements on both a federal and state level. Additionally, it’s critical you’re following best practices to ensure you’re staying in line with HIPAA and state standards. Following guidelines is essential for protecting yourself from legal consequences. As...
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How to Implement a Medical Record Retention and Destruction Process

Healthcare organizations are required to store medical records for a specified retention period. Implementing a record retention and destruction process is vital for legal compliance and provides many other benefits to health organizations. Organizing records saves space in the workplace, improves continuity of care for patients, and ensures easy...
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Keeping a Medical Records Destruction Log

Medical records destruction logs help to organize destruction and retention tracking for records. This helps to physically get information on paper. Additionally, the goal of a destruction log is to keep a permanent record of all retired, inactive, and shredded documents. Also, it’s best to include as many details as...
Medical Record Shredding Guidelines

Medical Records Shredding Guidelines and Processes

All types of sensitive documentation requires secure destruction at the end of its lifecycle. But medical records require extra attention because they contain such a high volume of personally identifiable information and are highly targeted by criminals and hackers. The best way to protect patient health records is to...
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Medical Records Destruction: A Guide to HIPAA Compliance [Video]

Medical records are one of the most highly-regulated types of files due to the amount of personal information that they contain. In this video, you will learn which types of files need to be securely destroyed, when to do so, and the different options for destruction. Video Transcription Medical...
Medical Record Shredding

Medical Records Shredding Guidelines

The healthcare industry is constantly burdened with documents containing confidential patient information which require strict regulations to keep the information protected. However, even with some of the most stringent regulations put in place by HIPAA and other government-based institutions, data breaches are an all-too-familiar occurrence. Proper disposal of old...