Why Electronics Shredding Is the Best Way to Recycle

electronics that need to be recycled

Technology plays a part in nearly every facet of our lives, but most devices only last a few years before they begin to fail. Once that happens, deciding what to do with that device may be as much of a headache as figuring out which new one to buy. However, electronic shredding provides a secure and affordable solution for disposing of your old technology.

The Cost of Electronic Shredding


Unlike paper shredding, electronic shredding costs vary per item. Products like hard drives, laptops, or cell phones tend to be the cheapest, as they’re the most simple to shred and recycle. For these pieces of technology, you can expect to pay between $5-10 per item, depending on your location and how many devices you’re looking to shred and recycle.

For TVs, particularly older ones like CRT TVs, the price range can differ from $20-100. However, that higher end is typically only for large CRT TVs. For plasma TVs, you can expect to pay between $20-$40, largely depending on the size of the TV.

How Electronic Shredding and Recycling Works

the electronic shredding and recycling process infographic

Unsurprisingly, the process typically begins with shredding, with the notable exception of TVs.

First, the electronics are run through a shredder. Following that, metals and plastics are separated, and magnets are used to separate the iron and steel. Then, Aluminum, copper, and circuit boards are separated from the stream of the rest of the materials.

After the metals are dealt with, the plastics and glass are sorted. Finally, anything else left is rounded. Once this sorting is complete, the recycler will ship off the base components to a manufacturer, who will then be able to create new devices with it.

Secure and Sustainable E-Recycling

The benefits of this process are two-fold. The first benefit is security. Shredding old technology means that any data left on the device will be destroyed beyond retrieval. It’s impossible to recover an old file from bits of metal and plastic.  You will also receive a certificate of destruction, which protects you or your company from liability in the case of a data breach.

Second, it means that your old technology, which quickly becomes toxic if thrown into a landfill, gets properly recycled. Instead of adding to the millions of tons of e-waste the world is trying to deal with, you contribute to the circular economy and make sure we’ll be able to continue to use technology that improves our lives.

Have Electronics that Need Recycling?

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