Shredding Events: A Nearby Solution for Free Shredding

Local shred events

Shred events are a secure shredding option for individuals within a community that offer a number of other benefits as well.

Watch the video or read the transcript below to learn about these benefits, how the process works, and more.

Video Transcript

What Are Shred Events?

Shred events are hosted by local businesses, charities, and other organizations to promote secure document disposal in communities by using paper shredding.

The Shred Event Process: Step-by-Step

From beginning to end, shred events have a few simple steps:

  1. CalendarThe host initially partners and sets up the event with a local shredding provider, laying out details like dates, location, and time.
  2. On the scheduled date, shredding trucks are sent to the event location. In many cases, the number of trucks is based on estimated event attendance.
  3. Throughout the event, attendees arrive with paper to shred. Typically, a systematic process is used—for example a drive-thru system for attendees to drop off documents.
  4. Finally, during the actual shredding each participant’s materials are lifted up and into a shred truck—and all while the attendees watch.

When Are Events Typically Hosted?

There are a few general rules of thumb for when and where you can expect shred events to be hosted, such as:

  • Event Times: To maximize attendance, events are usually held on weekends during the morning.
  • Event Seasons: To ensure the best weather for the event, most events are held from late spring to early fall.
  • Event Locations: To give space for large shred trucks and attendees to move through, most events are held in large open spaces like school parking lots.

Why Shred Events Are Held for Free

It might seem like there has to be some sort of catch for it to be free, but shred events are actually hosted for a variety of reasons.

Consumer Securityshred events help prevent identity theft

For organizations that are responsible for protecting sensitive consumer information and can be seriously impacted if some is lost, any opportunity to promote security is a good one.

As a result, organizations support initiatives like shredding events to help protect both their consumers and themselves from the risk of fraud and identity theft.

Putting Their Name In the Public Spotlight

Hosting a shredding event is a powerful marketing tool for businesses large and small, especially if the event is free.

When it comes to small businesses, it’s used as a way to get the word out to their local communities. Larger companies hosting shred events can help to establish a positive human connection with consumers in the areas they work in.

Showing Support for Environmental Protection

Recycle for sustainabilityRecycling facilities don’t accept paper shreds from individuals because they are too small. As a result, there’s no good way for an individual to recycle his or her shredded paper.

Organizations—especially those that are involved in the environmental industry—benefit from hosting events by providing an option where papers are both shredded and recycled.

To show their environmental commitments to consumers in the area and add a sense of humanity behind just a brand name.

Organizations will often host shred events for free to generate local attention and support.

Other Benefits

Shred events have many other benefits as well, and not just for the hosts.

shredding events - a nearby solution for free shredding

Shred Event Benefits for Attendees

Besides the hosts, events also offer participants benefits that in many ways come directly from the incentives organizations have for hosting shred events for free.

Maximum Security With Mobile Shredding

To shred their attendees’ papers event hosts use mobile shred trucks, which offer one of the most secure document destruction options available.

With shred trucks, people can stand and watch as the papers are destroyed—providing the maximum assurance of secure shredding.

The Only Way to Shred Sustainably

After events, shredding trucks take the paper shreds to be recycled, which is not only convenient but also the only way individuals can recycle their paper shreds.

Recycling facilities don’t accept small quantities of shreds since they can’t be sorted, but because trucks bring in enough the facilities can recycle shreds specifically.

Searching for Nearby Shred Events?

Shred Nations works with organizers across the country to set up shred events. If you’re interested in hosting an event of your own, get started by filling out our form or giving us a call at (800) 747-3365 for a free no-obligation quote from providers in your area.