Types of Document Destruction Services

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Our business and personal lives are more digital than ever, but that doesn’t mean paper is out of fashion. Office workers still produce a lot of paper, and recent numbers put the number at around 10,000 sheets of paper per worker a year on average. That adds up quickly, and any document you produce will need destruction after their use is done. 

Throwing it into the waste bin might seem like the easy solution, but that just leads to waste and potential security risks. To keep your data secure and make your firm more sustainable, it’s a smart move to use a document destruction service. 

Types and Costs of Document Destruction Services 

Document destruction, or shredding, services break down into four different types. Which one works best for you will depend on the quantity of paper you need to shred, the type of data regulations your company needs to follow, and the price. 

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Drop Off Shredding

This type of service works best for companies or individuals with small amounts of paper to shred. Drop-off shredding involves taking your documents to a secure shred-box at a location near you. Once you drop the documents off, they will remain in the locked shred box until a shredder picks it up for destruction. The cost typically runs at about $1 per pound, making it an affordable and efficient option for small shredding jobs. 

Mobile Shredding

Mobile shredding provides the best option for businesses with larger shredding needs, and those that need to witness the shredding for legal reasons. In this case, a shredding truck comes to your location and shreds your documents on site. Once the shredding finishes, they provide you with a certificate of destruction. The cost for mobile shredding falls under a flat rate, usually between $130-$175 for a project of 1-10 boxes. 

Offsite Shredding 

If you don’t need to witness the shredding and have too much to make drop-off shredding feasible, off-site presents the best option. In this case, a truck will come to your location, load up the documents, and then take them to a secure shredding location. Once the papers finish shredding there, they will send you a certificate of destruction. Depending on the size of your order and location, this can be anywhere from $110-$130 for a project of 1-10 boxes. 

Ship ‘N’ Shred 

The fourth option is also more for smaller shredding projects. With Ship ‘N’ Shred, you pack up a box, and then print out a shipping label after ordering the service through the Ship ‘N’ Shred Portal. Then, you can schedule a FedEx pickup, where a truck will come to you, and then take the box to a secure shredding facility. It’s a great alternative if you need a certificate of destruction to drop-off shredding, and you can track the process from pickup to document destruction. The price of the box will depend on its size, but an average cost for a 30lb box is $32. 

The Benefits of Document Destruction for Business 

The benefits of secure and professional document destruction are clear and worthwhile. Professional companies will keep your data safe, following a clear chain from hand-off to destruction, no matter the service. You also receive liability protection through the certificate of destruction, which certifies you followed the proper protocols for document destruction.

Additionally, you help recycle. Contrary to popular belief, shredded paper thrown into a recycling bin at your office or home doesn’t get recycled. However, with a professional service, that shredded paper will be recycled, and won’t end up polluting in a landfill. 

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