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What Is A Clean Desk Policy and Why Are They Important?

Clean desk policies ensure employee’s workspaces remain tidy, organized, professional, and secure. Under this type of policy, employees must keep their desks free of any stray information: that means no post-its, paperwork, portable media, etc. can be left out on desk tops.

Companies employ clean-desk policies for a variety of reasons, as they offer several benefits including:

    • increased efficiency and productivity—Harvard found that students who worked in cleaner environments had more persistence when faced with difficult tasks
    • an atmosphere of professionalism, which promotes good behavior, a professional attitude, and a tighter work ethic
    • increased information security—when you eliminate vulnerable materials that contain sensitive information, you reduce the risk of that information being viewed or stolen

Having employees keep their desks clean, rather than muddled, can provide great value to any organization, and provides a simple way to set a cohesive tone for your office. Below we discuss in detail two of the main reasons clean-desk policies are implemented—security and productivity.

Clean Desk Policies and Security

A clean desk policy keeps your private information safeClean desk policies do an excellent job at keeping workplaces secure. 58% of security threats come from within the workplace—and a big portion of this threat is simply due to carelessness and accidents.

Employees deal with sensitive, private information on a daily basis (whether it is customer information, employee information, partner or vendor information, or internal business related information).

When they are required to collect their files and either safely store them or get rid of them, the risk of an information breach decreases dramatically.

If you implement a clean-desk policy, be sure to place secure shred bins next to the recycle bins throughout your office. Clean desk policies can have the unintended consequence of employees tossing out files that contain sensitive information in an effort to get materials off their desks.

Having confidential shred bins placed strategically throughout the office provides a simple solution for secure file disposal and keeps your company in compliance with all data privacy laws.

Clean Desk Policies and Productivity

Clean desks lead to greater productivity.Clean work spaces promote efficiency and productivity. A Harvard study revealed that students working in a clutter free environment were able to stay on task nearly twice as long as students working in a disorganized environment.

The simplicity of cleanliness and the ease that comes with structure and organization helps keep workers on task, motivated, and productive.

Clean-Desk Policies and Shredding Policies Go Hand in Hand

Implementing a clean-desk policy can help keep your office efficient and secure. Coupling your clean-desk policy with a shredding policy will help keep your private information out of the hands of thieves.

Shred Nations will help you find a shredding provider who can stop by on a regular basis to shred your private documents and keep your office clutter free.

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