Save Money by Choosing the Right Shredding Service

Shredding your sensitive files is necessary. Choosing the right service can save you big money. But how do you choose?

This article compares drop off shredding services and mobile document shredding services to help you understand which service best meets your needs. We include information regarding the volume of documents you have, what your security requirements are, and how much you are willing to pay.

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Finding the Best Bang for Your Buck

There are several different ways to shred, and finding the most cost-efficient option depends on your individual project needs and goals.

For example, if you’re someone who constantly has documents to shred, saving up paper for a mobile shredding solution can be a good option for you to not only save money, but also to save the time shredding can take.

If you don’t expect to have 100 pounds of paper anytime soon, skipping scheduling and dropping off documents at a nearby drop off shredding location is likely the cheaper strategy.

Drop Off vs Mobile Quick Comparison

Drop Off Shredding

Drop off (walk-in) is ideal for shredding projects under 100 lbs. Usually drop off shredding locations can take up to three bankers boxes worth of paper and charge by the pound.

The Drop Off Shredding Service Process

Mobile Shredding

Mobile shredding is geared for larger shredding projects. Mobile is a flat cost for service no matter the paper quantity, and can typically handle 100-300 lbs.

The Mobile Shredding Process

Drop Off vs Mobile Advantages

Drop Off Advantages Mobile Advantages
There’s always a drop off location nearby with over 5,000 locations in UPS and other packaging stores throughout the US Mobile conveniently comes to you—instead of taking papers in or shredding yourself, shredding trucks can come to save you time
No scheduling is required—like the names implies, you can drop in on your schedule, and it’s fast enough to be only a 5 minute stop You witness shredding when it’s done onsite—whether for legal needs or personal assurance, mobile shredding is the most secure option
You pay only for what you shred rather than flat pricing—when you don’t have too much to shred, you won’t be paying much either Costs don’t scale with the size of the shredding project—from 1lb up to 300 lbs, the price remains the same
Drop off prioritizes security—while you don’t see the actual shredding, you drop off your papers in locked shred bins Mobile shredding’s securities make it ideal for negotiable instruments like blank checks, certificates, and promissory notes

Service Based on Quantity: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Drop Off Shredding

On average, drop off shredding locations charge $1 per pound. It’s recommended that you drop off anything up to 100 lbs to get the most for your money.

After that, the shredding price will continue to increase with quantity when dropping off, while mobile shredding costs will stay the same.

Mobile Shredding

Mobile shredding typically costs around $100. Once you have 100 lbs of paper or more, mobile shredding becomes most cost-effective.

Mobile shredding can handle up to 300 lbs of paper for the flat $100 price, which compared to a $300 dollar drop off project makes a mobile service a much better deal for larger volumes.

Calculating Paper Quantity

Type of Container Container Size Amount of Paper
File Cabinets Vertical File Cabinet 24” Drawer 1 box (30 lbs) per drawer
Horizontal File Cabinet 30” Drawer 2 boxes (60 lbs) per drawer
Bags Black Plastic Yard/Leaf Bag 1 box (30 lbs)
Tall White Kitchen Bag 1 box (30 lbs)
File Boxes Letter/Legal Box (15” x 12” x 10”) 30 lbs
Large Letter Box (24” x 12” x 10”) 60 lbs
Large Legal Box (24” x 15” x 10”) 90 lbs
Pallets 4 Rows High (4 ft) 50 boxes (1,500 lbs)
5 Rows High (5 ft) 60 boxes (1,800 lbs)
6 Rows High (6 ft) 72 boxes (2,160 lbs)
Bins 64 Gallon Bin 7 boxes (210 lbs)
95 Gallon Bin 10 boxes (300 lbs)

The Cheapest Option: Finding the Intersection

The Cost of Shredding Services by the PoundAt a certain point, the costs for drop off and mobile shredding interest, and this is where your paper weight comes in.

When you have little to shred, drop off shredding can save $75+ compared to mobile, but once your paper weight crosses the 100 lb point then it’s time to consider a new tactic.

This crossroads is where the scaling price of drop off to match paper weight becomes a disadvantage. As the size of your shredding project grows, savings can grow as large as $200 per job.

If you’re constantly needing to shred, saving your paper for the max 300 lbs may be something to keep in mind to get the most for your money.

Figured Out Which Shredding Service is the Best Bang for Your Buck?

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