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Environmentally-friendly practices in the office is becoming a necessary adherence to most companies, with benefits not only to the environment, but to the business as well. Data protection from identity thieves and competing businesses are also of big concern to most companies, but these two areas can be solved in one fell swoop.

Document shredding services, which many companies already utilize, not only protect your information through secure shredding and destruction, but also finish the process in an environmentally-friendly fashion.

Sustainable Shredding

An environmentally-friendly way to dispose of sensitive information.

“If recycling is the future, we most focus our efforts on mitigating negative impacts to our community while protecting our environment.”

John Cardenas

What’s the Big Deal?

Today, discarded paper in normal trash cans represents 26 million tons (16%) of all landfill waste.

While some might wonder, “What’s the big deal? Doesn’t paper decompose naturally?” The answer is “no.”

Rotter paper in landfills emits methane gas fumes 25 times more toxic than CO2 gases-making it the third largest polluter of air, soil, and water today.

Some Paper Sustainability Statistics

  • 700 lbs of paper are used by american individuals each year
  • 10,000 papers are consumed by a single office worker on an annual basis
  • 12.1 trillion sheets are consumed in offices in each year. 45% of this paper ends up being trashed instead of recycled.


The Greek root of the world recycle is “cycl,” meaning circle, and when it comes to paper and shredding, the circular lifespan of use and reuse is one of the main components to the shredding industry.

What is Sustainable Shredding?

Built around trash, shredding also has plenty of paper to contribute to recycling and, more specifically, recycling the sensitive documents people shred.

Since paper shreds are so small, normal recycling plants typically don’t accept shredded paper because they can’t sort between the shreds, creating a conundrum for how to go green but stay safe.

Luckily, many recycling plants partner with shredders to specifically handle paper shreds—providing a secure way to stay environmentally-friendly with the help of sustainable shredding.


Shred Nations Sustainable Shredding


How Shredded Paper is Recycled

Just about all our partners use green shredding processes and business practices—recycling their shredded materials so they can be reused later.

When recycling paper shreds, the shreds are placed in a vat where a mixture of chemicals separates any ink from the paper.

After the ink is removed, the shreds are mixed with water to make a pulp before being washed, refined, and prepared for reuse.

The beauty of the process is that all necessary paper fibers can be recovered from countless pounds of paper thrown away every day—allowing them to be reused to make products like napkins, cardboard, or new paper itself.

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