Shredding Service Options

Looking to shred your files but don’t know which shredding service will serve you best? With a variety of services available and strict regulations forcing companies to safely manage private customer information, it can get tricky to find a service option that meets your needs.

Here’s a rough breakdown of the different shredding services and how much they cost to help get you started:

Amount of Paper Shredding Service Price
A few pages Drop Off Shredding $1/Pound
1 – 3 Boxes Drop Off Shredding $1/Pound
4 – 10 Boxes Mobile Shredding $119
More than 10 Boxes Offsite Shredding Varies based on volume
Any amount Local Shred Event Free

If you’re unsure about how much paper you have, this simple
shredding estimator will give you a rough estimate on the number of boxes you have. A standard file box usually weighs in at about 30lbs and holds 2,000-2,5000 papers.

The Benefits of Different Shredding Services

To get a better picture of what each service actually is, here’s some more in-depth information about each one:

Drop Off Shredding Service

Shred small amounts of paper with drop off shredding servicesThis type of service is designed with the individual in mind. Small amounts of paper (less than 100 pounds) can be dropped off at local shred centers (they’re all over the place—use this drop-off location directory to find a center near you).

It’s a convenient and affordable way for individuals who aren’t looking to purchase their shredder to safely destroy files with private information. The only downside is that you don’t get to watch as the shredding is performed, but rest assured—your papers are placed in a locked bin up until shredding time.

Mobile Shredding Service

The most secure service option available, you can have a shredding truck drive straight to your location and shred your materials onsite.

For any mid to large sized project (weighing in at hundreds of pounds) this type of shredding service is affordable.

Mobile shredding is popular because you get to watch as your files are safely and thoroughly destroyed before your eyes.

Offsite Shredding Service

Shred large volumes of documents with offsite shredding servicesFor larger shredding projects where you don’t need to witness the shredding, offsite services can be slightly more affordable.

A truck stops by your location and picks up your files that need shredding, hauls them off to a secure facility and performs the shredding offsite in a powerful industrial shredder.

These services can be regularly scheduled so you can consistently shred your files and keep your private information safe.

Shred Events

Also commonly referred to as Shred Days, these events are hosted by local organizations looking to help community members shred their files.

They are usually held on Saturday mornings at a central, public location and last 2-3 hours.

Depending on who is hosting the event it can be open to the public or only open to a private group (for example HOA residents or families enrolled at a certain school).

Most of the time events are free, but there may be a small fee or the organization hosting the event may ask for a donation of some type to help out a local cause.

Watch this video for a few quick tips on how to choose the best shredding service based on your needs and values.

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