Why You Should Use Mobile Shredding

If you’ve been a victim of identity theft in the past, you already know what a headache it can be to recover.

From the initial scare of your drained bank accounts to countless hours wasted on the phone filing reports and rectifying your credit, the entire process is, to put it lightly, an enormous inconvenience!

On top of that, there’s the hassles of changing all your credit cards, account numbers, passwords, and the months and years of waiting for your financial credit to recover.

In this video, Samantha Gillihan of the Better Business Bureau speaks on the dangers of identity theft and how shredding your papers is the best way to protect your personal information.

Mobile Shredding to Protect Your Identity

Shredding your paper is one of the best methods of destroying your files and records.

Your documents can add up quickly, especially at the workplace, and so shredding them yourself week after week is tedious and inconvenient.

Mobile shredding services (which are available in just about any city) bring the security of paper shredding directly to your location.

Mobile shredding, in short, is a service in which a truck that is equipped with an industrial shredder comes to your location and completely shreds all your papers directly on-site.

Not only is this a secure option, especially those who want to see their documents destroyed in-person, but also a convenient solution to shredding large quantities of papers without having to pack and shred them at a drop off center.

The Benefits of Mobile Shredding vs Other Options

In order to protect your information contained in papers, files, or documents, you’ll need to shred them away.

Mobile shredding offers many benefits compared to drop off shredding centers and offsite shredding.

With mobile shredding, you watch your documents as they are shredded right in front of you. This is ideal for industries that legally require a witness to the documents’ destruction.

You also have the convenience of having the shredding brought to you. There is no worries of transporting your documents, which can increase the chances of a data leak with papers gone rogue.

The professionals that accompany the mobile shredding truck will also never come into any physical or visual contact with your documents. All papers are dumped directly into the industrial paper shredder with papers stored in bins.

Find a Mobile Shredding Service Near You

Shred Nations wants to help keep your identity protected from criminals and hackers alike.

With the rise of fraud and data breaches in the United States year after year, it’s crucial to keep your information safe.

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