Protecting your Small Business with Document Destruction Services

Today in the United States there over 24.6 million small businesses. A small business is an independently owned and operated company that is limited in size and limited in revenue compared to large business or corporations. Small businesses are important in the economy and many compete daily for your business, trying to take it away from large corporations. Small businesses are very prevalent as a sector in the economy, we even have special shopping days out of the year to specifically promote small business shopping, so that as a community we can help small business thrive.

Current Destruction Methods for your Business

Document Destruction servicesAs much as we want to help these businesses as a community, these businesses need to help themselves and their community by taking place in confidential document disposal or destruction. It has been discovered that 25% of small businesses do not consider using document shredding services. This service can be very beneficial to both the business and the consumer because secure shredding is an approved method of disposal for sensitive documents. Documents such as taxes, credit card slips, lease agreements, etc. should be properly disposed of through a shredding or destruction service.

What Can Your Business Do Differently?

Also important is the fact that 31% of small businesses have never trained their employees about the importance of information security. More statistics on this conclude that 36% of small businesses have no policies for document storage or disposal. This improper training and lack of disposal/storage is what leads to security breaches. Security breaches are caused by negligent and human error that could have been prevented with proper training techniques. These training techniques can include:

  • Hiring a company to train and speak to employees about information safety
  • Providing special locked bins to dispose of information securelyUse a shredding service for your small business
  • Hanging signs above trash cans, promoting secure disposal
  • Develop and implement standards for your business on what is trash and what needs to be securely disposed of
  • Assign responsibility and provide adequate resources for the program
  • Implement a program to respond to violation that help prevent similar violations form occurring
  • Provide monitoring and auditing services for the program

Training your employees will help protect your business, your employees, and your consumers. Your business will be protected and you can reduce costs in the long run that stem from lawsuits, fines and negative PR for your business.

Get Started with Secure Document Destruction Services for your Small Business Today!

Shred Nations offers secure document shredding services for your small business. We can schedule regular pickups for your business to help you protect your information from criminals and competitors. We have mobile shredding services as well as offsite shredding services to fit the needs of your unique business.

We will provide you with proof of destruction after your destruction service has been completed. We care about your security and want to help your business stay protected.

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